A LOOK AT LIFE-155 / Poem by Smruti Ranjan MOHANTY

Poem by Smruti Ranjan MOHANTY
Let me open my heart before I die
Let me dance in joy
before someone snatches my smile away.
Let me live for myself, for my love,
my most valued and cherished moment
before death puts an end.
Give me a minute
Give me that moment
Since long I have been waiting for it
I will express myself,
my love for you
treasured in my heart since we first met.
It is time
I will express my love for you
It is now or never
If I do not do it
I can never do it
It will be injustice,
sheer injustice to love and life.
Don’t look at me
I can’t look into your eyes
Be with me, I have mustered a little strength
Let me say what I mean to say
You may not reciprocate
But please give an ear to it,
listen to me, my heart and mind,
the music of my life.
Have been waiting for this since eternities
Come a little near
Smile a bit
I will express myself,
a world will open before us
and I will have a glimpse of life,
its grace and beauty
before I close my eyes
Smruti Ranjan Mohanty©

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