Maria Teresa Manta (Italy)

Maria Teresa Manta (Italy)
Maria Teresa Manta (here only a very small part of national and international awards received) was born in Aradeo / Lecce – Puglia – Italy. Appreciated and esteemed teacher, she attends many masters of study and didactic enrichment, also at university level Writer and poet, literary critic, journalistic collaboration, presenter of her Radio Station “Moon radio live”. International Director – Presidential Secretary – General Councilor – Vice President of the World Council of Poets, Admin of many national and world states – Guardian poets, secretary. Parliamentary member of the World Poets Union. Official member of WIP (World Poets Institute) – of WNWU (World Nations Writer Union “) of many other excellent associations from which he receives important honors and awards. in national and international magazines. In 2020 she was published on WikiPoesia, the Wikipedia of poetry. Award-winning for her writings in Italy and in the world, interviewed by TV, radio and national and international magazines, she is present on Italian and American channels of California, where some of his books (written in Italian and English) were shown and his poems read. Some of his books are in the most important library in New York, which has certified their authentication and cataloged them in its archive, in which will remain forever as a testimony of the author’s literary production and have been posted in all libraries in New York. or even in many Italian libraries that have requested it. Award-winning, she is featured in many prestigious anthologies and anthological collections. He wrote “Beyond the sclerosis dam of dormant feelings” Poems Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso SpA – “For you, moon” Poems, Ed. L’Espresso S.pA- “Tales and / or mysteries” – Short stories, Books Print Editions- “The time of Silence” Poems ed. Albatros – “Fixed the stars in the sky” Poems Gruppo Editoriale L’Espresso – “Notturno” ed. Gedi for gruppo SpA. And the poetic anthology “PROFUMO di Poesia” Ed. Gedi. Other books and an anthological collection dedicated to all the poets of the world will be published shortly. Some official awards: Poetisa Maria Teresa Manta O Certificado de POETA LAUREADO / Escritora Maria Teresa Manta O Certificado de BENFEITOR SOCIOCULTURAL / O Certificado de HONRA AO MERITO, from the Jùlio Ribeiro Cortez de Educaçào e Cultura Brasil Institute.
The Certificate of Excellence (INTERNATIONAL ICON OF LITERATURE) was awarded to Maria Teresa Manta INTERNATIONAL ICON OF LITERATURE, the Certificate of Excellence is proudly MEWADEV LAUREL AWARD 2018 India.
DIPLOMA Mrs. Maria Teresa Manta an international award “World Laureate in Literature 2018, WNWU”, Kazakhstan awards.
Many first prizes in competitions and many awards in Italy.
The Pagine publishing house (Director Elio Pecora) graduated from the poetic value of Maria Teresa Manta.
Maria Teresa Manta On TV “SBC” production arts 2017 California USA… And much more.
Her books can be purchased in ALL real or virtual bookstores in the world.
The Earth weeps for its continuous dying,
the glacier melted,
the truncated forests, the violated sea.
The earth trembles at the neglect of the man
who does not understand
the unstoppable continuous damage that his
being causes stingy of new and increasingly
harmful conquests.
The earth landslide due to the lack of its strong
uprooted arms.
The Earth dies and fish destroyed by dirt die
continuous and frightening that kills life.
The Earth scorched by the fire of despicable
beings weeps,heedless of the damage that trees
and animals eliminate move away.
Think again man, rise to life which is your
own life.
Even the polluted sky rebels against smog and
brings us death safe, lack of oxygen, unknown
all over the world plagues and death.
Sometimes they come back
those who leave,
so you’ll look again. …
Mad, they tell me, they are right,
because I did not understand
I’ve deleted, which is
No, I do not believe
and continuous
to drag my days
in this unnecessary waiting.
Even if you do not come,
MY son, I’ll wait,
I will continue to expect
until these my
will rest weary limbs.
The last tear in the eye,
mark still my nostalgia,
my loneliness and my pain!
and deserts
of lonely cemeteries,
scream the silences of the dead
Not flowers, nor the patter
known passages
to beat with the ticking
of the feet
and the prayed rosaries
in a religious whisper,
aimed at lost loved ones
on the road of life,
broken by the merciless scythe
of death.
She is Easter and like You,
Christ nailed to the Cross,
we are so alone,
so abandoned,
you have long been accustomed
to human, global pain,
that mows the soul,
pierces the heart,
saddens and empties our path of
suffering and tears,
of nostalgia.
We will rise again as you, my
Lord, my strength, my life.
It is Easter of tears, of copious
tears, of emptiness, of silence.
It is Easter of expectation, of
Desire of a better world,
of universal Peace.
It’s Easter again.

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