Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper

Poems by Dost Muhammad Rajper
Flying wings
Flying wings quenching thirst,
Counting cute to make list,
Flying wings ending dark,
Peace aspires to embark,
Flying wings wrings beauty,
No more pains of poverty,
Flying wings covers scars,
All solace: but no wars,
Flying wings fall in fair,
Never dies a human dare,
Flying wings unite earth,
With dignity, love and mirth,
Flying wings rings sweet,
Let us love, let us meet,,
Flying wings make us back,
Let us hope, let us take,,
Passionate Gratitude
Sleep with me in fire bed,
Burn with me on ashes,
Wash with me in sunshine,
Dive in love with lashes,,
Come from clouds of hope,
Rain with juvenile force,
Cultivate the barren land,
Irrigate the dune ass,
Row, row in the deep sea,
Boost up peddles so soon,
Waves make so much rush,
The shore looks to the moon,
Stay with me in my hot,
Bathe with me in rainfall,
Disturb not peaceful doves,
Let them whisper in ball..
Grey In Gorgeousness
The grey in gorgeous way amuses,
The annals provides joy through Muses,
The grey gives glorified health,
The grey lives in eternal earth,
The grey is melody of my time..
As love and dove both in rhyme,
The aging sounds experience,
Both patience and tolerance,
The grey initiates innate joy,
Satisfaction in smartening dye,
The grey stays strong in the sea,
As the amazing ancient glee,
The grey is grave in gravity,
Falling youths are in captivity,
The grey is garrulous in style,
The grey grabs the glance a while,
The grey do slumber on the beach,
Let us live with love and preach,,,
#Dost Muhammad Rajper

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