Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra

Poems by Rajashree Mohapatra
Because you are there …
Here you are like warm blood
coursing through my veins ,
my umpteen body
a river in spate
that flows over its shore !
Open me up and
you would see a pool
holding the waters of vices and
virtues galore and in that a lotus in bloom,
my faith in you forever!
Hear the lovelorn Lark,
of the wee hour, how
she cries plaintively in the cold morning air!
But tell me Dear is this all
because you are there?
Last Hour
I have made this earth of
your words my home,
not keen to ascend to your heaven of bliss,
and have turned the waste
into a world by furrowing it
with the tip of my pen.
Oh how blessed this last hour must be!
Between half-dream and half-awakening,
there must be some message,
some truth hidden,
playing out an unknown rhythm in silence!
Time moves, its march unhaltable,
so is the story of our love,
it would neither wait nor halt,
You would be there my Love,
I too would be there
and between us would remain
the manmade wall impenetrable and high,
separating us forever, as before !
Not the hard hail of a roaring storm
but a tender drop of dew i am !
Born with the life a few moments only,
I have built myslf for you into an ocean vast,
a drop no more but an ocean of love
without any shore !
O’ the thousand-rayed One
I wish only to glitter in a moment’s union
with your ray and then go down forever !
My immersion into your fiery splendour is
all that I ever asked for,
to lose myself in you was my goal forever !
I know no deliverance
but to be the fragrance of your deathless flower !
Rajashree Mohapatra
Bhubaneswar, India

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