Waves of time / Poem by Hana Shishiny

Poem by Hana Shishiny
Waves of time
Finally I gave up to waves,to engulf my life
To be intoxicated by the smell of sea..
By the burning sun on my bare skin
Like a fish..to run away,using my fins
With a salty loneliness,and feel free…
Waves of time,swallow the moments
You’re under that leaping wave
I couldn’t reach you, with all my tenderness
Like the ray of a sunset,disappearing, soft and silent
Before all drown in a
A heavy darkness…
Now,trying to get free of my dreams of you..
In an endless flow toward my peace of mind
Your touches still warm,you’ll never know
And those shivers,when your eyes sparkled and glow
Under those waves,you left all behind..
Waves of time,leaping lot further
All can be forgotten, joy and pain
What will be left of love and laughter
What will remain of tear’s rain..
Like the sun,we will set..in silence
Leaving few Ray’s with fading lights
And a silent echo
After this wide existence..
By Hana Shishiny
August 2021
(C ) all rights reserved

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