WOMEN! / Essay by Lily Swarn

Essay by Lily Swarn
“A handsome woman is a jewel;a good woman is a treasure,”said Saadi Shirazi . He knew it ages ago.
I have seen ,doors open automatically , as a statuesque beauty sashays down a balustrade . The eyes of leering , lascivious ,creepy gents drop out of their sockets.Lewd remarks are as easily bandied about as oaths of lasting devotion to the beauteous being.
The alluring attraction of a merely physical beauty can be devastating . One has heard of conniving ,wicked ,sultry sirens ruining a person financially or even launching a thousand ships , a la Helen of Troy .”Khuda jab husn deta hai nazaakat aa hi jaati hai” .What the good lord gave you as a gift when he created your captivating visage ,is truly not your own achievement. It should make you more humble and thankful instead of snooty and pompous.
It surely is ‘sone pe suhaaga’, if the enchantress is also a good woman.Now that is what some of my friends would say,”yaar lottery nikal gayi , bande ki.”A pretty face will get old, a nice body will change but a good woman will always be a good woman.
Therefore it is said that if you do not care for the good women in your life , someone else will come along and appreciate them or you might have to deal with the , though I cringe to write it , ”bitch” that you created.
The tantalising aura of a seductress should fade in the face of a ‘nek’ lady …”poochha jo unse aapka parda woh kya hua , kehne lagin ki aqal pe mardon ki pad gaya”.A good lady is an asset for a lifetime .She believes that ”ehna akhiyaan ch paanvaan kinve kajlaa ve , akhiyaan ch tu vasda.”.
”Balle ni punjab diye sher bachiye /sheeshe vaang saaf , suchiye te sachiye.”.
copyright Lily Swarn 30.5.2015

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