Xi Ke [China]

Xi Ke [China]
Xi Ke, a famous poet in contemporary China, was born as Yang Weizhou in 1962 from a family of Chongxin ancestry in Gansu Province of China. He is a member of the Chinese Writers Association. He began to write poetry in the 1980s and went to Shenzhen to host the “Wandering Poets Poetry Exhibition” in the 1990s. In 2012, he was invited to Israel to attend the 32nd World Poets’ Congress. His works have been published in a variety of journals, and his published poetry collections include The Bend of Ruihe River, The Bronze Pot, Old Forts, The Wind Bell, Some Days of Mine and Me, No Need to Say Goodbye to This Life, The Collection of Xi Ke Poems, Village Past (Chinese-English), etc., besides his prose collections The Valley, My Life Has Nothing to Do with You, I Still Live. Some of his poems have been translated into English, French, German, Russian, Arabic, Spanish, Japanese, Dutch, Ukrainian, Albanian and Korean, etc. He now lives in Xi’an.
The Last Nation in History
I bathe in the luster that is approaching the uncrowned king
Following the procedure of absolute notarization to recall
The scenes from this event and the historic riots
How did I get the infamy of adultery?
Honestly, I’m the kind of person brave enough to die for honor
You had infusion when you were a kid, right?
The medicine seeped into your bones
I turned around and looked in the direction where I came
History itself repeats itself, but the reactions are not the same
I was attending the funeral of the last elder and finished
The gruesome task of burying his remains in the grave
Let him be left alone in some glory
Dressing as casually as before
But his eyes remain firm and maintain an awe-inspiring demeanor
I feel indignant from the inside
The cab drivers tell shameless jokes
Taking the whole thing as a laughing stock and laughing loudly
Newspaper says golf pro had an affair with stage star
Married women and young men are often rumored to be in love
It’s a great pity that precious time was wasted on slutty women
The number of bachelors is increasing
They indulge in lovemaking between lads and lasses
Flowers and chocolates taking turn
A place to stay with no family
Money will be extracted by the landlady who is more vicious than the stepmother
The group gathered in front of the seaside tavern mocking blatantly
I can’t even remember the exact time
Anyway, it’s after 5 AM, right?
I remember kids still play with dogs (breed unknown)
I suggest they go behind the dunes and do that shit
Slow down time!
It’s time to leave, the nostalgic, fondly remembered Queen’s family
In the next few days, I have to find out the whereabouts of all those who are still alive
In fact, who am I really?
Let XXX equal my real name and address
God is of Jewish origin
The heir of the loong comes from the Yellow River Basin
Literature, News, Posters … Multiplexes and more
The car drivers look through the day’s newspaper
My favorite book in my life is “One Thousand and One Nights”
Really, the bodies of stowaways were found on the beach again (Genders unknown)
I was ready to be released from that air of death
I walk with my arm holding the other’s arm
Where to go? No answer
Anyway, we walked past the hillock full of stones and fires
There, the ruins of the city back then
Still cradled in the silent arms of time, sleeping soundly.
Immersed in the dream of green fields and new pastures
We both continued to hold arms
Through the People’s Square and other places
Recalling desperately the pure and great music
I am familiar with Mozart’s Twelfth Mass
And AAA and other first-class musical works
Not that kind of religious song
Eclipsing all the sounds of nature
The crowd calls out, the last cry
Sing it again, sing it again
In the midst of all the noise
I saw the face of a horse
A novel substance composed of bones and flesh different from horses
What a kind life it is
Knives and guns should be used to catch and kill whales
Lies should be believed when facing crocodile
The roster draws a new form on the snow
Ancient folk ballads of the East
Depicting the ocean under a clear sky
That horse went to the end of the city
I watched the stout figure shrinking in the distance
Bring breakfast to the bedside, milk with eggs
I must be obedient to my old woman, a queen’s pose
She’s the kind of woman who is well educated
She would go to the countryside for picnic parties of the choir
She sprained her left foot getting off the bus at the South Loop
She wanted me to stay in her bedroom and chat for no reason
She spoke in that old girl’s voice
It’s as if she’s thinking about dying because of me
Who’s at the door?
I repeatedly imagine my face at a certain moment
Walking along the Jing River that evening
She clutched my hand tightly, but I just laughed
Then danced with her and sit outside together
Let me straighten my shirt collar
Before leaving the house, you’d better give her a kiss
Endeavoring to convince her that she is not left out
Even the more serious ones are the same
Age differences can never be eliminated
Can you bear to hang a woman?
What crime could she have committed?
The fire is not yet extinguished
Fresh horse manure can be seen everywhere
Let me see the place where you work
Images of naked women are carved on the wall next to it
She asked me if I knew what that meant
And at the same moment, I pushed open the door
Why did you take off all your clothes?
Dirty, unkempt, wrinkled bodies
I had to say, this look is really embarrassing
A certain day in a certain month is my birthday
Assuming no one told me in advance
I walked along a secluded platform
How I wish a familiar face would appear in the window at night
The incredibly stupid eyes, staring at me with open mouths
We will go to an island far away from the world
Singing a very sad song tonight
Reminds me of many things in the past
War will make me a small fortune
Looking across the ocean from the top of a mountain
The scenery is so lovely
There was also a mock war in the deserted Hexi Corridor
Since I have given her a lot
I’m about to get something in return
You know, a man’s ambition is never a woman
No public toilets were built on the Tibetan plateau
Soldiers stationed on the plateau squat to urinate
I tried to draw some animal pictures
If you can remember all the legends you can write a novel
The old bishop was preaching a sermon on the altar
The highest duty a woman should perform is reproduction
The sun bursts out from under the rocks
Lovers and mistresses are all separated
I’ll go back and tell you all these details
I saw the twisted face of the slut
Village girl is now sitting on the edge of the bed combing braids
Dogs peeing outside the window
That day I was lying among the tall mugwort
The sailors are playing ducks and drakes
On the shady steps
Blurred figures, water-carrying ox carts
Gulu wheels, and thousands of years of ancient castles
Please come in the store and sit
The old windows of the inn
Behind the window pane hides a pair of bright expectations
Let her lover kiss the railings
And the hotel with the door closed at midnight
The watchman carrying the lamp around clapering
But why is there no light
Flowing water is always clear
At this moment, I am immersed in this cold water
Crying for somebody
Translated by Brent O. Yan

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