LOVE NEVER ALTERS / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
I have seen today
That my love still remains
Just like then – unaltered
Its taste has just ripened
Grown stronger for each day
When I look into your clear blue eyes
I still feel butterflies
In my stomach
Just as if I was 20 a’new
I do not double-check
In my golden mirror
The glitter of diamonds
That shimmers in my hair
Because I’m just the same
As I always was
Even if time do haunt me
Breathing down my neck
It keeps telling me
That I have changed
But just like always
I do not listen still
For I feel so very strongly
The days of youth and love
The love that smells as always
The love that smells of future
And still – my life has not yet been
Tagged by some expiring-date
So I enjoy my life quite fulfilled
My life with the one that I love
I dress and I adorn myself
In tiaras of utmost beauty
Made of newborn butterflies
Butterflies of summer
I sweep myself quite nude and bold
In the pale mist of the morning dew
I don’t care what people say
I don’t care what people think
I just live my life fulfilled
With the one that I love!
©® Joanna Svensson

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