Poems by Tyran Prizren Spahiu

Invisible soul, faith
resides in the brightest place of goodness
it is in me, we coexist
guides me to pursue love, infinite nobility towards the God and Homeland.
Or it is on the BLIND ROAD
… politician, a part of population understands
the vast majority do not accept you
you have paved roads with lies
building impressive fortune
do not forget
you owe the nation
even more to impoverished poor
when will you be saturated, tell us when?
How long will you tear poor brothers
elderly and the orphans !?
My generous friends,
we have tasted goodness,
descended blessings,
angels smiles.
Feelings will be set up,
embodied in prosperity,
mercy as a compassion,
you will feel it in morning wake up.
This period, when you are greeted,
by the fraternal nobles,
hope to be exalted
as distinguished humanists,
I am in, with all my being,
glorifying The Creator,
we, being under His mercy,
in His Hand, is the whole mankind.
Please, harshly condemn hate,
defeat the devils,
in this dishonest world.
east, west, through out the globe,
be armed with fondness ,
this primary task is our,
world is built with endless beauties,
we are just flesh and blood
with tenderness and love let us be embroidered.
… simple man in my chest breathes
sometime whispers
feels when voice trembles
emotions calm down
heart waits in quietness
shrivels state of satisfaction
reading verses, silence enters under the skin
feels marvelous when reading poetry
on the scene live me and the letters …
… if not
I will return microphone
reel the poem, leave he theatre stage
start wandering in the life path
differently I do not know
I do not want, I do not accept
… call me the bohemian dreamer …
feelings floater, streets wanderer
ranger looking for love.
… attack me … hug … say hello
… but please
never DO try to extinguish burning fire for heavenly letters …

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