Poems by Wendy Mary Lister

Poems by Wendy Mary Lister
Shorter Days—
Fog twines winter flora-below a sky
of decaying scent, risking love
Somewhere-sleep unites the tremor
of a violin with a clichéd heart
A memory lingers on the edge of crazy
with pungency of winters fumes
Tinder-dry conditions and yesteryears song, struggle bitterly-without retracting
Ashes Of Deceit—
The wind whispers for a reason,
as it strides with each new season
The moon shivers in discomfort,
oblivious as the earth delegates
And the sun hides, when the sky prays,
to save us from our recklessness ways
Night continues to turn into day, as the passage of time starts to fade
Dawn of the dark has yet to rise,
sophism taking us to our demise
Now it’s time to contemplate
at the intensity of human fate
The universe has yet to reveal a secret,
how our planet will end up seedless

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