HOT AIR BALLOON (Saino No. 140 to 143) / Poem by Lilian Woo

Poem by Lilian Woo
Saino No. 140 to 143
Hot air balloon in the sky
An exciting ride as we fly
Above the hills in enormous heights.
(AAB Rhyme scheme)
Dawn painting enthralling hues
Dazzling sunbeams on the vast sea
The view below gives a full display.
(Free verse)
A wondrous sight to behold
The soft breezy wind blowing cold
A moment to cherish and uphold.
(AAA Rhyme scheme)
Clouds hovering in sunlight
Eagles taking their morning flight
Soaring high, such a heavenly sight.
(AAA Rhyme scheme)
©Lilian Woo
All Copyrights Reserved

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