Theofanis L. Panagiotopoulos (Greece)

Theofanis L. Panagiotopoulos (Greece)
Theofanis L. Panagiotopoulos was born in Karpenisi- Evritania. He is a graduate of the Theological School – National and Kapodistrian University of Athens.
He has apprenticed in programs of the Ministry of Education and Religion, with content in Journalism & Media, Cultural Diplomacy and Culture & Historical Memory. He has attended seminars of Philosophical, Educational and Cultural character. He obtained a degree in Hagiography. He also participated in Sign Language learning seminars. He attended theater and directing classes.
He appeared in Greek letters in 2016 with the poetry collection “Everlasting Shiver” • (poems) published by Ostria editions. In 2017, his second book “The Last Kiss” (short stories) was published by Ostria editions. In 2019, his third book “Black Nobel” (poems) was published by Odos Panos’ editions. The book was proposed as teaching material in the course of Modern Greek Literature at the College of Athens by the Philologist Smaragdi Mitropoulou. Also, the Hellenic Cultural Association of Cyprus chose the poetry collection “Black Nobel” as Book of the Year 2019. Journalist Penny Tombri presented a radio tribute for the poetry collection on the show “Dream Material” on ERT3 radio.5.5.
In 2020 his fourth book “The silence of Persephone” (novel) was released by Odos Panos’ editions.
He is a member of the National Society of Greek Writers. In 2019 he was awarded for his work, his active presence in letters and his intellectual activity with the “Young Writer Award: Konstantinos Kavafis” by Kefalos Literary Magazine.
His poems have been published in print and online magazines: “Panos Street”, “iamvos art”, “Poiein”, “”, “Universal routes”, “Artless”, “Fractal”, “” , “ “, ” DIFERNEWS “, “Anemos magazine” and “”. They have, also, been translated and published in Spanish in the literary criticism magazine ” Cratera” with the help of translator Natasa Lambrou. He is a radio producer of the “ Info 97.5” & “Book traveler” show on Radio Karpenisi 97.5 FM. He writes articles in the newspaper “Evrytanikos Palmos”.
The sun encircled the thousand minarets
and I too wander in the verse tales.
I walk alone – the voice of one crying out in the wilderness
the palm trees look like earthly gods – chosen guests –
in the isolated body of the Desert…
I walk alone and face you
to bathe your statuesque body
– it recalls ‘that of Prometheus-
your chest heals
an endless squirming inside me.
I walk alone and get lost in the bars
lads rock with arrogance
middle-aged Arabs suck hookah
in the many smokes I mold you
with a white sheet
like the stranger of the Gospel.
Able to haunt my life.
I walk alone and reach the house
the chamber is a silent Clytemnestra
Pain is her only child.
(I have been walking alone for a long time)

Translatated into English by Smaragdi Mitropoulou

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