Poem by Ade Caparas

Poem by Ade Caparas
would i feel this kind of earthy love if i am an immortal soul situated in a place called ‘heavenly moon’?
will there be mad passionate love?
Friedrich Nietzsche quotes, “There is always some madness in love. But there is also always some reason in madness.”
and i add, ‘madness is on extreme height when one reaches the implacable dialectic reasoning to that of unreasoning…
when one is either in erotic horizon, in bliss or in an extremely oppressed plane… where an attitude of ‘to hell with it’ or ‘go for broke’ takes over!
ahhhhhhhhh… love, like my coffee…
i love to sip in its boiling degree,
savour relish revel delight its taste and aroma con todo musika…
when it gets cold, i reheat
if it’s but a cafe-normale
sans une distinctive flavour
i just leave it… throw it away!
every night in my dream
our spirits meet doing
crazy naughty things,
moments of sublime ecstasies!
how else can honest and true love
be measured… save when our bodies become one with joy
in spirit, body, and soul?
our song of love
when lyrics rhymes melodies
blend in our lips… seals!
we fall to surrender, hands clasp.
my skin against him,
we wander beyond the clouds
we cherish the seconds of love…
savouring moist lips,
trembling quivering,
wishing to suspend time; let it stay.. keep it eternally present!
envious are the stars… twinkling
 its might competing with my glow
jealous is the wind…
blading itself between us!
ocean waves display tantrums, sending sounds of fear
can’t they see
don’t they know better?
how insensitive disturbing imbeciles!
blurring our intoxicating oneness
stay away stay way,
this earthy erotism
passions of hate lust memories
perhaps unknown
in immortal heaven?
__ade c.
monday12:24pm 11 may 2021
sydney australia

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