Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)

Dr. Sajid Hussain (Pakistan)
Dr. Sajid Hussain — from Pakistan — is a highly educated and multidisciplinary Poet. He is a Master Trainer of “Low Cost and No Cost of Science Material” Homeo Doctor, senior teacher of Chemistry in FDE, and Ex-Principal of Jinnah Public School. He has received many courses and certificates from Unicef ,CIDA and USAID programs.
Sajid Hussain is a promising Poet already participating in innumerable poetry contests world-wide while winning many certificates of excellence. He has written more than 700 poems so far,In 16 anthologies his poems published and many poems translated into different languages at international level ,many of them being published internationally in different magazines.His work published on international level in different digital web sites also in different newspapers.
He is seen to be published every month in Poets Unlimited, an internationally recognised literary magazine.
Some blinks of life
Boldness and energy of intellect,
Work busily with in sky ward flight,
Mysterious depths of doubts and misgivings,
Proclaim with pride joyous defiance,
A bitter hostility pulls the strings of enterprises,
They entangle each other in burning tussel,
Pressing cares absorb them on chilling solitude spot,
Soul of nonsense invokes new contacts,
Restored to dignity with night lamp the intellect,
Leaps its lips on serious issue lightening its devices,
Serenity beams reflect through its look in mist,
Seem to swim solemly without any fear,
With the company of boldness with enthusiastic favour,
With the beautiful glamour of youth in happy moods,
Seriousness lurks in the depths of their eyes,
Some fresh and appealing ideas recruit,
In shadowy vistas of sylvan beauty of smile,
Which restrain the air of uncertainty and misgivings,
A few leisurely moments linger in mutely,
Their integrity unveil a dream of ambition,
Hurried eagerness awakes the service of actions,
Recaptures all frosty calm in right time to put,
Stilled and trampled protest into sweet form,
A sense of suffocation and panic grips doubts,
A fierce tide of vanishing feels misgivings,
An urgent hark remove them in such a exposure,
Boldness and intellect with pressure of temptation.
Get slender experience of the facts of life.
Heathen hordes of my heavenly ecstasies,
In haughty composure heartedly fortress,
An isolated child of my curiosity with unhollow joys,
At highly meritorious on hillside mist,
Plays with homeless wind in high flying outburst,
Illuminating insight with some clouds touch,
An idle jesting in identical mode in icy smile,
To provoke howling chaos of hybrid emotion, ,
To rise indwelling delight from indivisible aspects,
With informing features visits for the inflamed curio,
A flexible integrity for initiatory period,
Yields some injured conceits in inky blackness,
To create infinite deference for informed purpose,
But my inflated optimism with influential voice,
In inherent dignity with inferential method,
Having compact arrangement which signs on requisites,
Strokes some unimpudent knowingness in gratitude,
So an important epoch of placable obsession,
With impetuous zeal gather unimpoverished age,
Gravity in impious defiance powers serenity,
Half franzy with hovering fascination seals despair,
Grim swiftness thanks portrayal of splendor
All happy intuitions with ripping brook,
Put me on unwordly vagrant wandering curiosity.
An end of heaviness
My gaze stays on blue tiles,
My shoes lock with mud,
The cool feel of water on a parched throat,
Light hearted touches over a routine,
Then concrete wall tights tired muscles,
Scars or cuts that suggest long terms,
The stretch of ache after long practice,
Peer pressure causing temper to flare,
Sweaty clings with treatment in a task,
Probing a bruise or other injury,
Finding some thing which disgusting a success,
The relief of pulling hot feet out,
From a cycle of day and night,
Changing from gym class of life,
I dig a ditch and put all ashes,
With sweet skating down my back and sides.
Slaying myself with great honour.
Sajid Hussain Pakistan ©

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