Sahar Ajdamsani (Iran)

Sahar Ajdamsani (Iran)
Sahar Ajdamsani (Persian:سحر اژدم ثانی) (born 26 March 1996) is an Iranian singer, songwriter, poet, lyricist، writer and photographer.
Sahar started writing poetry at the age of eight, and has written poetry in Persian, English and German.
The theme of her works are world peace, the defense of women’s rights, kindness, and humanity. She is known as an artist who defends women’s rights & humanrights with her arts and promotes peace, humanity, equality & kindness.
She is one of the few Iranian artists that many countries have written about her arts and is the first Iranian who is the winner of WILD sound poetry festival for her poem “Censorship” that focuses on women rights.
Sahar also selected as the representative of Global Photographic Union in Iran.
Although music in Iran is forbidden and prohibition for women, she has had many concerts in many countries and despite the many limitations for women in Iran, she has succeeded and is internationally recognized.
WILDsound poetry festival, New York, US, 2019
Black & White photography festival, Athens, Greece, 2019
Best poet of 8th International Athens poetry festival, Athens, Greece, 2019
10th Woman Scream international poetry festival, Mexico, 2020
5th season of the earth, a 2018 (poetry book)
I flew to the moon, a 2019 (poetry book)
Dreamy World
A world peace music album. The melody of every poem in this album composed by a composer of a country with 13 countries collaborating in this album. The purpose of this UN and UNICEF supported album was to demonstrate the world seeking peace.
Athens, Greece, 2019
Milan, Italy, 2020
*The cold*
Snow falls
The cold has penetrated the hearts
The consciences have gone into hibernation
And humanity is frozen
We are not happy with the heat of each other’s kindness
In the era when instead of heart abacus beats in the chest
It is as if the earth is doomed to cold forever
Extreme cold, strange and soulless
As far as the eye can see it is cold and white
We will be ruined one by one
This is the atonement of our selfishness
And the beautiful feelings we killed in ourselves
Let’s come to our senses and revive the good in ourselves
Until we all ruined from this extreme cold of unkindness
“You again”
Your being is the plant of life
That tie me to the universe
And having you is
Extract of happiness
Look at me
To be watered by love
call me
Your voice breaks
The extent of my loneliness
I never believed
That my tired existence will calm down
But you are
Deep river tranquility
That illusion of no restlessness
There is no way to enter it
I love you to the height of Damavand
If living is an opportunity again
You again
You again

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