DRENCH IN LOVE / Poem by Tulsi Shrestha

Poem by Tulsi Shrestha
Let me drench my soul
To vibrate universe
In your love.
Rhythms of my heart
Played music for
Your love song.
Artistic display of your lips
Imprinted my chest
With crimson hue.
I catched spark of thunder
To decorate our night love
With flash light.
The alluring beauty, you bear
Can explode the whole world
With passion of fire.
Each word, you spelled in love
Created ripples above
Surface of my heart.
Waves raised above sea level
To extinguish ecstasy of love
Again and again.
Let me reproduce new color of
Rainbow for you, my dear
To enchant love, you due
My lucid heart always creates
Everflowing Fountain of love
To soak you, in my love.
We feel proud to mingle and dissolve
As Infinite -two rivers of love
To create a new destiny .
Tears of joy and grief
We do share for ever
As philosophy of life.
Indeed, you are spirit of love
It is you who rejuvenate me
From lifeless death.
By Tulsi Shrestha
@copyright reserved

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