ENIGMA FROM THE STONE / Poem by Ibrahim Honjo

Poem by Ibrahim Honjo
Victors write history
You wrote nothing down
In morning twilight
About your battle
And your victory
You just left
Never a word about you
Never a letter
A small simple letter
Not in the Bosnian Cyrillic script
Not in Latin characters
Not in the Glagolitic alphabet
Not in the Cyrillic alphabet
Where did the letters go?
Where did the words go?
We know about you
You remained on your soil
For which one day you disappeared
In gray stone ashes
You left without a letter
And without a word
And left the colossal wound
For new generations
You left all your pain
Buried in silence
You are an enigma from the stone
And enigma under the stone
Why did you so skillfully hide it all
You escaped from yourself
But you could not escape from us
We found you under this large stone coffin
He told us about you
And about your life
About your secrets
He told us about all your loves
And about…about …about
We now know all we could find out
We know that it is not the end
And because of this, we will discover every day
The enigma part by part
We discovered you
You resurrected in our letter
In our word
We won
We are writing history
And you are helping even unwillingly
In our victory
Now you know
You can run away from yourself
But you cannot run away from us.

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