LET POETRY FLOW / Poem by Dasharath Naik

Poem by Dasharath Naik
Let poetry flow freely like fountains
Through ups and downs on the way
The narrowness obstructing path to Humanity
Overcoming all the terrifying Devils
Regionalism,Racism ,Terrorism
And the likes deviding nation ,
And fighting for rights of common folks
Like a clarion to bring them due justice.
Let poetry flow with harmony aplenty
Dancing and swinging with Nature’s rhythm
To purify poisoned mind and relax stressed body
Descending down straight from the hearts
To mingle with the golden hearts again
Glorifying Love and Sympathy above all dogmas
Holding the essence of Truth and Peace high.
Let poetry annihilate
All boundaries of separation
That break loving hearts into pieces
Dispelling darkness of ignorance
Ennobling and inspiring dull many
Like a lighthouse showing path of uncanny future
Igniting and infusing the dazzling virtues in all
To soothe the soul with its unique lullaby
Paired with unconditional love and bliss
Let poetry flow everywhere ceaselessly
Like the holy Ganga and its pulse be felt
Boosting and vitalising the dormant souls
Bent under loads of poverty, pain and plight
Rooting out evils in the stigmatised society
Broadening our outlook and ideology
Drenching heart and soul thoroughly
Refining, redefining , fine-tuning life
And growing through it beautifully.
©® Dasharath Naik

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