Poems by Ana Toma

Poems by Ana Toma
All was beautiful and rare
She has danced in her dreams
as a woman in love,
With a fit nobleman,
holding hands and more.
She has seen the sunrise
in his cheerful eyes,
As they shined through
tears of joy.
She has lived a romance
but she never knew it existed,
A man like him
that she gave her all.
She has kissed in her dreams
with so much passion,
The same nobleman
that she has danced before.
Last night, she was looking for him
To celebrate her naked beauty,
But she got lost in dark skies,
that she has never explored.
She has forgotten his voice,
his eyes and his touch…
She was looking to find the nobleman
that she one’s adored.
He wasn’t there. He was nowhere.
(Where was he gone?)
She tied her heart to his at night,
And dreamed of him much more.
Sometimes she’s like a dangerous dream:
She’s as real as the reflection of the moon,
on the clean rearview mirror,
in an abandoned meadowland,
full of bloomed yellow dandelions.
Full of overgrown,
summer green- prickly grass,
where a dozen of long legs,
young deers,
stare into the distance
at the car’s headlights,
when driving in the dense fog
and ghostly night.
But, they don’t bother to move an inch,
from your sight.
You stop, you sigh,
You look at the reflection of the moon
On your rear-view mirror,
as your eyes travel to your blurry dream,
your sleepy brain yawns in every direction,
wanting to melt into the darkness.
Sometimes, she’s just a beautiful dream:
Lying on her back,
on a large sweet smell meadow,
Letting her breath out slowly,
Plucking carefully
each petal of a fresh dandelion,
listening to the murmuring winds,
and the music of the meadow,
Stretching as far as her eyes could see,
Dreaming of the Man
who dances in her head…
She carries your heart with her
You came at some time of her life,
To a dreamer, who’s imagination
made oceans, stars and the moon evaporate.
Her holy dreams were bathing in the night,
in the most sensual seduction secrets,
emitting the natural lovemaking sounds.
Like dandelions in the sunrise dew,
She woke up soaked in her sexual desires;
Smiling and dancing to the beat of birdsongs.
From afar she saw you peacefully sleeping,
Dancing with the wind, with the rain,
through the night.
Barefoot, paralyzed with overflowed happiness,
Walks the smart and classy Lady,
who carries your heart.
©️Ana Toma

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