The SOLITUDE of the WORLD / Poem by Stefano Capasso

Poem by Stefano Capasso
What ever is important
have to do,
so tired,
if not for a moment
they can stop
to dialogue
with the lost Soul?
In the air around I hear
a great shouting,
whirlwind of undeciphered sounds,
bouncing here and there
without being able
to understand.
Isn’t this perhaps
the Solitude of the World
that, without any respect,
dared too much,
convinced you know everything?
An arrogance, without restraint,
in the company of selfishness
very mean
deaf and blind
that slowly pushed
to be unknown
not only among the crowd,
but also between brothers.
But nevertheless
it is necessary to have
than the Solitude of the World
may have an end,
swept away
from a Celestial Light
that he can carry with him
All rights reserved
@ copyright
Author Stefano Capasso

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