Stavroula Venieri (Greece)

Stavroula Venieri (Greece)
Stavroula Venieri was born in Pireus, in Greece.
She has studied Business Consulting, Marketing and Public Relationships.
She is currently working in the field of editing books and that was the main motivation for her to attend plenty of seminars of Creative Writing, Writing of Fairy Tales, Poetry and many others too. She has also attended seminars about the Children’s Rights, the Children’s Psychology and so on.
The first fruit as a writer is a two-volume work about Children’s Rights, which consists twelve stories of our everyday life.
She is a member of UNESCO – Arts, Language & Sciences in Greece, in the Organization of Letters and Arts in Pireus, in the International Organization of the Greek Authors and Artists, in Greek, Cultural Organization of Cypriots and in Cultural Organization of Zakynthos. Plenty of her texts and poems have been published and some of them have also been set into music.
She has also taken part in literature competitions and she has won a number of prizes and discriminations.
I will silently love you
I will silently love you…
You, as a protagonist in my dreams.
Sovereign in my heart!
I make dreams with you using incorruptible
materials, feeding my greatest expectations.
You, my dearest figure
in my thoughts and mind.
You fill my inmost
with beauty and shine!
God of love, You,
with your white wings, hug blandly my soul
I carry you always in my deepest desires
like a strong flame which burns my inside!
The most wonderful and special thing
in my imagination’s world.
Your words, a precious treasure,
awake forgotten wishes.
Through you I live and breathe.
I join tight my hands with yours,
time calms down,
my whole existence sweetens!
I will always bow to this feeling,
which overwhelms and completes me.
I will follow it faithfully and
I will silently love You!

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