Mahanaj Parvin (Bangladesh)

Mahanaj Parvin (Bangladesh)
Mahanaj Parvin from Bangladesh. She’s government school teacher. She loves her job. She writes poetry and stories in her free time.She has own published book. Many of her poems and stories published various newspapers in her own country and abroad.
Achievement Gujarat Sahitya Acaademy Award-2021
Fancy night
Leaving a variety of pleasure, must go!
Spring wind reminds me of what I know!
Small village covered in moonlight,
Embrace the unknown bird,
The yellow laugh light of the moon,
Open air, tidy grass bed.
The blue water of the pond.
Night wrapped in softness.
With so many favourites surrounding.
I will keep it in the corner of my mind-
very loosely, very carefully across the whole sky.
Will touch the heart thoughtout everytime.
Wakes up everynight.
I have to go,I know I will go-
Yet I kept the fancy night-
in the name of memory in an eastern window!
I will come again when the time comes.
Maybe with another kind of future.
@Mahanaj Parvin – Bangladesh

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