Poems by Norbert Góra

Poems by Norbert Góra
All about the masks
Everyone here
talks about the truth,
though the mouths
are covered with the sludge of lies.
Everyone here
emphasizes authenticity,
but hides
two faces in one body.
The next one
turned out to be someone else,
in this world
it’s all about the masks.
This world must evolve
or thing about
the lack of spirituality
Vaults full of gold
and impoverished souls,
we live in a new world,
ruled by the materialistic ghouls.
The insides of our hearts
are as dark as casemates,
spirit is an irrelevant card,
if the big money still fascinates.
There are problems need to be resolved,
so this world must evolve
and put the spirituality to the game
of our future, faith is not a shame.
The time that flows by
First, there is
an apparent eternity,
certainty that life
is an endless stream,
then the clock
knocks it out of us,
aging is a tool.
Misunderstanding, pain
and depression
slowly remove
the screws from the chronograph,
months turn into days,
so close to the place
where the light disappears,
taking the sound far away.
The time that flows by
leads us to the end.

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