Dasharath Naik (India)

Dasharath Naik (India)
Dasharath Naik was born on 23 June, 1964 in a middle class family at Bijadihi in the district of Sundargarh, Odisha. Presently Reader in English (SS) , he has been serving at P. S. College, Bargaon since 1987. As a student of English Literature, Sri Naik likes all the genres especially poetry and loves reading magical lines by mighty minds. He himself writes for pleasure and Humanity is his main concern .
He loves reading and writing. He is a contributing poet to various groups and publications. His poems have been published and highly acclaimed nationally and internationally. He is a recipient of several prestigious awards in various literary competitions organised by different fb literary groups.
Letter from OLD AGE HOME
Stay blessed, my son
Best wishes and blessings
To cute grand children and Daisy
Everything fine here
Square of meals in time
All comforts for a simple life
TV for news and current affairs
For an exploration of
God’s miracle and solace
Helping hands always by side
Free entertainment of
Friends’ company in similar lot
Temple to pay a Darshan
To pacify the restless mind
Dear you
Months have passed
Neither a casual visit
Nor a phone call from you
Since the day you left me here
On the plea of your busy schedule
And children’s education
Whenever I tried to contact
Have failed to share my feelings
Your phone rings
But a big man of status
With ego and pride
I find on the other side
No time for even a few words
With his mother
Always in a hurry
Harsh and rude too
Have lost my dream for ever
Am destined to suffer
God bless you, my son
May you flourish further
With name and fame
Degrees and laurels for your honest labour
Titles and awards aplenty
For your commitment to duty
Service to the foreign company
Even in your native land
A foreigner you have become
Culture you have forgotten
Traditions you have stated hating
Values you have ignored
Simply running after money
And unlimited status
Remember your honey-coloured days
You never went to bed
Without listening to stories of values
Yet demanding more
The character that inspired you most.
Away from you all
Feeling sick of loneliness
Bereft of family and love
Plz…..MAA here.
*Shravan Kumar, mentioned in the ancient Hindu text Ramayana, is known for his filial piety towards his blind parents .He was a devoted son to them and in order to fulfill their desires, he created a balance like device where he could carry his parents on his shoulders and take them on the pilgrimage.
©® Dasharath Naik

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