Lt. Dr. Radhika Subhankar Mukherjee (India)

Lt. Dr. Radhika Subhankar Mukherjee (India)
Lt. Dr. Radhika Subhankar Mukherjee is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English, at Satish Pradhan Dnyanasadhana College, Thane, Maharashtra, India. She is also a recognized Post Graduate Teacher for the M.A. degree in the Subject of English of the University of Mumbai. She has an experience of 16 years in teaching English at Undergraduate level and 5 years in Post Graduate level. Lt. Dr. Radhika S. Mukherjee has a Doctoral degree in African American Literature, from the University of Mumbai. Her area of Specialization is African American Literature. Her areas of interest are Diaspora, Indian English Poetry, British Literature, Indian English Literature, Dalit Literature, Migration Studies, Communication Skills, Business Communication and English Language Teaching. She is a Poet and writes on various themes such as Love, God, Nature, Peace, Women, Friendship, Life, Happiness, Hope, Despair, etc. She is the author of Melodies of a Heart: A Collection of Poems and Glittering Pearls. Lt. Dr. Radhika S. Mukherjee is a Member of Syllabus Sub-Committee for M.A. Part I (Sem- I) Translation Studies Program -Ability Enhancement Course – Paper – XIV (D): Translation in Corporate Industry and M.A. English Language Teaching (Sem IV) Interdisciplinary/ Cross Disciplinary Course Paper No XV B _ Inclusivity in Language Education at University of Mumbai. She is appointed as the Subject Expert in the syllabus Drafting Committee, Board of Studies English for M.A. Part Two (Sem IV) English Program in the Interdisciplinary Course: Gender Studies and Literature at KJ Somaiya College of Arts and Commerce, Vidyavihar, Mumbai. She is also a member of Syllabus Committee for M.A. Part Two (Sem IV), Paper Ability Enhancement Course: I-B, Title: English Language for Academic and Commercial Writing at Dr. Homi Bhabha State University, Elphistone College, Mumbai. She is also a Member of the Review Panel of Experts in the subject of Journalism and Mass Communication for S.Y.B.Com at R.A.Podar College of Commerce and Economics, Matunga, Mumbai. She is also an Associate NCC Officer Commissioned with Lieutenant Rank at NCC Officers Training Academy, Gwalior, Madhya Pradesh in 2009. Dr. Radhika S. Mukherjee had been a Motivational Speaker for an NGO Indian Women and Children Foundation and a Resource person for National Webinar on “Rabindranath Tagore and his Timeless Poems”, organised by Smt. P.N. Doshi Women’s College, Mumbai. She has presented multiple Research papers at State, National and International Seminars and Conferences. Besides, she has published many Research Papers and Poems in International Journals, Books and Anthologies. She is currently on the Editorial Board for 3 International Journals European Academic Research, Research Scholar and International Research Journal of India. Furthermore, she is actively involved in Promoting Adult Education, Women Empowerment activities and social services towards the society.
Being Me
I am what I am,
and I know who I am.
I strive hard each day to get recognized,
but I still love myself the way I am.
Born with a graceful look,
later twisted invisible in your sight,
though the journey wasn’t smooth at all,
but I still love myself the way I am.
I was never the same formerly,
beautiful appearance rapidly got disappeared,
inverted my world just upside down,
but I still love myself the way I am.
Life transformed me from slim to obese,
beautiful hair got almost flimsy,
my hormones weren’t in balanced harmony,
but I still love myself the way I am.
Lost appearance frequently raised eyebrows,
my abilities have encountered the knife of distrust,
people typically became judgmental about me,
but I still love myself the way I am.
I lost my identity in this journey,
very few friends trusted my abilities,
they reduced me to sheer zilch,
but I still love the way I am.
There were moments of despair,
when my fertility was interrogated,
grains of futility were sown in my brains,
but I still love myself the way I am.
Experiences of being the other,
belittling remarks habitually ensued,
genuine sentiments of mine were stifled,
but I still love myself the way I am.
Today I am glad for ‘Being Me’,
I assent all my flaws with an open heart,
I am the one who can stand still,
while encountering the blows of a thunderstorm.
Each one is beautiful and worthy in every sense,
things and situations at times stumble,
life thus must endure an undesirable change,
but just try to love the way you are.
A Voice Note
A voice note came floating,
without your consent on an official group,
it was a recorded laughter of yours,
that was unheard for a year long.
I heard it and was overjoyed,
but rushed to message you about it,
as it was sent by you in ignorance,
and soon you realized and cleared it off.
Then it took us into colourful chats,
that permits our affection to flow,
switched on the discussions on our life’s status,
and paved open ways for future opportunities.
We felt the obligation to have a dialog,
about our career amidst the tough pandemic,
life was sucking our liberty of movement,
while kids are bugged up in house detention.
One voice note, voiced our feelings,
made the unheard voices resounding,
hoping for these voices to endure to evoke,
all those voices that are nearly muted.
Heard melodies are good to store,
as it fills our heart with immense ecstasy,
for they sound rhyming with our timing,
expressing love and pronouncing hope.
Can I and You Become We
You don’t even gaze at me,
You don’t even smile at me,
You look around for everyone,
but you don’t accept me as one.
You take pride to reveal your gender,
treating my gender as the other.
You love the one who fits in the male/female category,
but dislike the one who is neither he nor she.
I am a human, a living being,
blessed with parents just like yours.
I was born this way right from my birth,
but I still try fetching the answers for my life.
My parents welcomed me at birth,
later disowned me after learning my gender,
My life became difficult to survive,
seeing my parents doomed with my existence.
I ran away from my family when I was just nine,
to save my family’s great reputation.
Slowly I learnt to express my freedom,
choosing the gender that I longed to be.
Years pass by and tears flow as I grow,
hoping to see the society transformed,
Transformed minds and warm welcome,
could come together to wipe out my pain.
Did you ever try to understand me?
Have you ever imagined yourself in my place?
Then only you would really understand,
what it feels to be a transgender.
I ask not for the reservation,
I don’t want a separate institution,
I crave for only one thing,
a Respect in the form of social acceptance.
We Shall Overcome
There were Floods, Plagues, Famines and Tsunamis,
There were Epidemics, Earthquakes and Disasters,
There were hard times of our freedom struggle,
But still we overcame it.
There were moments of despair and tears,
There was darkness scattered all over,
There was fright perceived in everyone,
But still we overcame it.
There is a year-old devastating suffering,
There is a pandemic outbreak that spread globally,
There are scenes that narrates life’s uncertainty,
But still we shall overcome.
We never know when,
We never know how,
We not even know when it will end,
But still we shall overcome.
There will be smiles showering everywhere,
There will be crowded streets and fun around,
There will be reunion and freedom displayed,
For we shall overcome.
There will be reopen space for gatherings,
There will be unmasked faces with cheerfulness,
There will be no place left for the so-called fear,
For we shall overcome.
The Educational Institutions will be back offline,
Virtual platforms will be replaced by personal meets,
We will bid Sayonara to lockdowns,
For we shall overcome.
© Lt. Dr. Radhika Subhankar Mukherjee

One thought on “Lt. Dr. Radhika Subhankar Mukherjee (India)

  1. Dear Dr. Radhika ,
    Many congratulations to you on publication bof these poems ! I could perceive the strong desire and reflections of identity in your poems. The gender issue also appears emphatically in your poems. I am glad that the real you , is being represented through your poems. My best wishes to the flourishing poet in you. !!

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