Vasiliki Karatasiou (Greece)

It is OK, except my surname from the link. Write in the link Karatasiou

It is OK, except my surname from the link. Write in the link Karatasiou

Vasiliki Karatasiou (Greece)
Vasiliki  Karatasiou is a professor of Greek Literature and an inspired poetess too.
She is also the general secretary of E.LO.SY.L
and she lives in the town of Larissa.
She has published several books of poetry, three of them are translated in French.
She has been awarded with a gold and a silver medal by the International Academy of Letters and Arts of Lutece.
She has also won several prizes in many other competitions of poetry in Greece and in other foreign countries.
She loves poetry very much and she helps many other writers to publish their books.
The heliator’s smile
An old photo closes a sweet memory coming from
those carefree years,
the student years.
An innocent angelic face, a soul, pure, blessed,
two eyes soft, humble
but the smile, this smile closes inside it
all the bright rays of the sun.
My favourite pride,
the sun’s smile you are, a brilliant sun, life-giving.
You warm the world with the flame of your love,
you sow goodness in your passage, you illuminate the
dark souls of people with unseen light!
No one will steal this smile from you!
You deserve it, it springs from the warmth of your child’s soul!
And if some people envied it and tried to deprive it from you,
remind them that the sun sets but again rises brilliant!
You were, are and will be the heliator’s smile,
God’s gift to me, my beloved.
I will keep this photo deep in the leaves of my heart,
an adorable souvenir, a unique heirloom.
I only ask you a favour,
my sun, a little of your warmth, if you want,
send me and smile at me wide again
and again!
Smile, my soul!
Smile, my soul, smile,
a sudden downpour was over.
The smile of the sun is now worn and
the colours of the Iris accompanied.
The new day, my light, good morning,
the strangeness of the world
set aside.
Smile, my heart, smile,
tell me a song
and had fun.
Not worth it, my love, to go crazy,
Life is beautiful, to enjoy it!
Smile, my soul, smile,
take me in your arms, now and fly.
Translated by Louis Xatzi
The feeling of love
It is the strongest feeling of all.
Love means affection, interest, warm hugs, caresses, kisses.
Love is a real treasure.
Give love!
Save the world from loneliness!
You are heaven
You are heaven,
bright light of my soul,
an angel.
An adorable love,
heaven and earth together.
Translated by Louis Xatzi

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