Go to Ma / Poem by Sihem Cherif

Poem by Sihem Cherif
Go to Ma
Upon a tiny sea,
the water sparkles in glee.
A whining baby in The arms of his grand_pa
In water, he refused to wade his knee.
Taken by the lullaby in his cry
I addressed him with a smile and a tap
Offering my arms, offering my lap
Grand _pa handed him to me
He smiled and whimpered ‘ go to Ma”
Stunned I tried to look for his mother.
His mother was not there, bereft women like me,
are everywhere.
But Grad pa kept muttering “go to Ma”
I wrapped the baby with care,
Swaying him over the sea,
Baby boy, you have to dare
love the waves with me
grand PA kept saying ” Go to Ma”.
Ah what a sweet Eulogy
Noone before said it to me
What a lovely aura to be a” Ma”
Nearing a baby to your core
Knocking at motherhood closed door
@ sihem cherif 24 __8 2021

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