Poems by Kamrul Islam

Poems by Kamrul Islam
The Secret Music Of Blind Snails
The artistic lips of swallows sing
To be saved from the rains of devils,
The river also becomes elusive,
One day the inclusive night exhumes
The love-shell green and alive,
When the sky smiles with the damsel
Moon rowing the vast expanse of blue.
The water-fall scene of poor
Geography makes us cry,
Far away is the school of atonement,
A couple of beautiful stairs in dream
Praying for the delicate feet,
When the mysterious night trudges
Through the secret music of blind snails
To adorn the wind in the dark…
I row the boat in twilight
a little bit of a run
of remote past came up from
the occupied path,
informed– uncertain waiting
saliva is dripping from it,
some poison too–
give green easily to my tongue
to anchor the wind,
the fish scales freeze inside,
outside waiting in alkali-water
saliva and poison, the misfit fate!
despite my journey begins…
nobody knows how my bones
supply the magic sail
with a lantern of dreams
I row the boat in twilight
with the bohemian oars
and my words spill
over the reflection of the sky…
©Kamrul Islam

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