Shakil Kalam (Bangladesh)

Shakil Kalam (Bangladesh)
Root Finder poet Shakil Kalam from Bangladesh received Master Degree in Governance Studies (MGS) from University of Dhaka.
He is known as Central Banker, Corporate Governance Specialist, Researcher as well as Child-Litterateur, Writer, translator.
He has tried to discuss various inconsistencies, inequalities, disillusion, hypocrisy and human suffering and the degradation of human moral and social values in his writings.
He has been writing stories, poems, rhymes, essays, columns and published books number thirty two.
His poems translated in different languages like Tamil, Nepalese, Indonesian, Italian, Hindi, Urdu Romanian, Arabic, Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, Turkey, Swahili (Kenyan Language), Tajik (Tajikistan) and his poems included in different anthologies over the world.
He attends different seminar, symposium, conference and discussion meeting as a key-note speaker in various universities and his books are listed and taught as reference books in Dhaka University and banking sectors in Bangladesh.
He partcipated in the seminar, symposium and conferences in various countries over the world like India, Pakistan, Bhutan, Dubai, Thailand, Singapore and Malaysia.
He received various award, certificate and honour from different international literary groups. Recently he achieved “Order of Shakespeare Medal- 2021” and “Gujarat Shahitya Academy Award 2021” which were initated by world largest active literary forum Motivational Strips.
He is the honorary fellow of Social Development Research Foundation (SDRF) and founder and admin of a literary group named ShahityaPata.
Artist, Can You Draw a Colorful Image of Love!
Artist, what can you say;
What is the color of love?
How many pictures have you drawn!
Watercolors pictures,
Oil paintings,
Draws human figure,
Draws sketche,
How many more pictures!
Have you ever been able to draw a picture of love!
Zainul had painted pictures of famine in the Darkening Days’ of Bengal.
Leonardo da Vinci’s mysterious Mona Lisa is world famous.
I have painted my love in abstract colors!
Artist, you draw a visible picture of love.
Nature draws seven coloured rainbow across the horizon,
People’s mind are filled with the glittering of its color in the sky.
Artist, you are a dream poet of the cosmos of love!
You can draw a colorful picture of love!
Your brown brush drops the light in the black pores of the society;
The momentum of light will show the creative way.
At least you draw a colorful image of love;
Which will can sien a tremendous path for the next generation.

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