Dasharath Naik (India)

Dasharath Naik (India)
Dasharath Naik was born on 23 June, 1964 in a middle class family at Bijadihi in the district of Sundargarh, Odisha. Presently Reader in English(SS) , he has been serving at P. S. College, Bargaon since 1987. As a student of English Literature, Sri Naik likes all the genres especially poetry and loves reading magical lines by mighty minds. He himself writes for pleasure and Humanity is his main concern .
He loves reading and writing. He is a contributing poet to various groups and publications. His poems have been published and highly acclaimed nationally and internationally. He is a recipient of several prestigious awards in various literary competitions organised by different fb literary groups.
With time’s winged chariot
running fast
with the blowing wind and the
flowing streams
my identity getting thinner and thinner
in the grip of mess and losing
its essence
With none to talk to or to share
the beauty of life now getting blurred
the magic and mirth in absolute danger
the hypnotising bliss out of the track
No longer the shine even after much polish
my intimate shadow standing against me
and having nowhere to hide my body and soul
my mind almost not in a mind to work properly
My whims now play their prominent role
like a double role character in a play
me know not where to go and/or what to do
how to play my role in the best way possible
Me unaware of the meanings of my life
my existence in nothingness falters
like the pendulum of the clock
hanging from the centreless circle.
The indomitable spirit all fatigued
The cherished dreams capsized like paper boats
Down the turbulent streams of radiant time
Along the vast deserted lands
I venture out unseen and unheard
Photographs unclicked like likers Unresponded in the comment box of life.
Life struggles tirelessly & breathlessly though
Great demands get unfulfilled
The plagued mindset all stands like a shadow
Like a scarecrow dead inside ,
Bereft of vivacity & vigour
I crawl in the pavement of my days
Suffocated with sufferings ;
Will unconquered prevailing for nobody
But everybody seems tired and exhausted.
The mirror now sneers at me
The reflections of self selflessly get submerged
In time’s deep valley, in absolute tremor
Oblivious of everything irrelevant,
I exist finally like a choked heart
Waiting for the bliss and warmth
I have been coveting since my birth.
Lifting its head
the darkness looks around in search of me
from nowhere to everywhere
and my shadow slips away narrowly
to sustain me and spread my dreams .
All the moments green and golden
disappear in the air so silent and serene
me having nowhere to hide my feelings
swim in my utter helplessness
in the vast ocean of my cool existence.
The skeleton then seems to sport flesh and blood
an appearance in the distant horizon makes me dance
and my world escapes from the troubles of an outcast
as the patient in me is reventilated instantly.
©® Dasharath Naik

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