Natalia Govsha (Canada)

Natalia Govsha (Canada)
Natalia Govsha is a poet and an artist from Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She studies philosophy, alchemy and synthesis of religions. This knowledge is reflected in her poems, stories and pictures.
She has published five books:
“WOMAN’S DIARY” (2015),
“2020: COVID-19 FREEdom Life” (2020),
“To the LORD my prayers” (2020).
Her poems, paintings and drawings have been published in many anthologies and magazines:
Cinematic Codes Review, 2018
Poetry Train Canada, 2015
Poetry Train 10th Anniversary Anthology, 2020
FM 33, Autumn 2020
FM 34, Winter 21
FM 36, Summer 21
World Poetry Open Mic, 2020 Anthology
World Poets, Female Voices
Atunis Galaxy Anthology, 2020
Atunis Galaxy Anthology, 2021
Inextinguishable Candle, 2020
Other Times, 2021
Global Insides–the vaccine Paperback – July 11 2021
How did it get so late so soon?
It is ephemeral time
like the longest distance
two unmatched places .
withering suns
and wet moons.
forgiveness of sins
and sacrificial virtues.
That distance,
studded with roses
and with thorns.
That time I’ve wasted
for my desires
that makes it so vital…
In vain.
Clouds, grey…
Wisdom pulses in the veins…
The time licks
my wrinkled hand,
looking into my eyes
like a faithful dog
seeing the imminence of his deed –
the time itself with my help.
Is it too early or too late
to understand –
the most precious thing there is
I’m all I have.
And where is that lantern
which secretly shines
from transcendental heights
for everyone
the same way,
but who is able
to see its light…
Who we are – aliens …
spiritual beings
with human experience.
We trample the ground –
forward, backward,
left, right.
we trample the sun
when our minds
are upside down –
and the sky seems to us
black, earthy, mortal…
Where is that lantern
which secretly shines
from transcendental heights.
His light calling us,
spiritual beings
with human experience,
to reach the final awareness
of the true wisdom.
Mom, you have gone
to another world,
through the circle of pain
in your dream,
leaving me …
I hold and embrace you
with the arms
of my memory …
I believe – you return
as my shadow
on a sunny day
or as a bird
in my window,
or with a light breath
of wind in my hair,
or a snowflake
on my lips,
or a morning sunbeam
in my mirror …
Mom, you’ve gone…
Without your earthly love
I’m no longer a child,
neither for myself
nor for anyone …
“I” … What does
my word “I” mean?
I know now.
It contains your grain,
a spark, a thought,
life from your eternal life,
my mom …
©Natalia Govsha

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