For Shahbaaz / Poems by Lily Swarn

For Shahbaaz
Was it eight long years ago that God decided that He wanted you back dear Shahbaaz ?
Was it three long years ago that God decided
that He wanted you back dear Shahbaaz?
Your light was too bright to be snuffed out
by a single stroke of death
your aura luminous like a billion stars
on a moonlit night
The warm twinkle in your
deep hazel eyes emerging
into the greenish grey of
a turbulent sea on some days
The benevolent throbbing of your heart
ever willing to lend a helping hand
Your friends who come and hold me
in a warm bear hug
are constant reminders
Of the titanic size
of your endearing persona
At once humble and regal
A genial smile and a naughty quip hiding the
Tick tock of your blazing brilliance
A boy far beyond his times
An ambition wilder than a stallion’s
You galloped into my life
Hiding safely in my womb
But departed in a zooming jiffy
Without even saying goodbye
I know you look at me
admonishingly from heaven
Whenever I laugh out of turn
Or even when I speak
louder than a lady should
It’s too late to say
“If only “and “suppose”
You are an angel now
Or a truly evolved soul
But I walk through your room
Trying to clasp at your soul
Mothers are foolish beings
Who know it more than you ?
Copyright Lily Swarn 1.1.2017
I Miss You
( for the son who went away)
The famished evening
dragged its heels
Staggering shadows
clung to weeping willows
His carved Indian rosewood bed
as forlorn as a scrawny model
Leaning against the chalk white wall
His beloved guitar stood rather lonely
A fine film of dust powdering its nose
His unsung songs sashayed in the room
Reclining on the two seater sofa with moans
The unabashed sound of death moving stealthily
Dashed against the television and boomeranged
The silence filtered like the dust mite smitten rays
Dusk crept in like a shame faced puppy after a nap
I miss you today as I missed you then
I lost count of days for I have forgotten my tables
When you rode the bus,was it a train or a flight ?
That never came back ; no return ticket, no message at all
Copyright Lily Swarn 29.4.2020

Poems by Lily Swarn

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