Poems by Rakesh Chandra

Poems by Rakesh Chandra
In search of haven safe
When the canons spit fire on the
Border, the inhabitants living in nearby villages,
Instantly seek the refuge of bunkers,
And pray incessantly for their survival;
When the floods inundate the areas large,
The people are stranded all of sudden;
They eagerly wait for the rescue teams,
To carry them over to safe haven;
When fire broke loose in a building,
Everybody jumped to reach the ground floor;
They didn’t care about the others,
They had in mind their own survival;
Survival of the fittest is jungle’s law,
But humans find it convenient to follow;
Whenever any tragedy befall on them,
Other moral precepts then sound hollow.
A Cakewalk to Paradise
On the rails of ecstasy, the rays
Of hope are treading softly,
To be stored forever in
The safe precincts of my tender heart;
Encircled by the white fluffy clouds,
Shining brightly against the backdrop of
Sky azure, the resplendent shafts
Of abundant expectations are gently
Piercing the veil of wind around;
I want to hear the nightingale
Singing for me the love carols, and
My wholeself is yearning to dance
To the tune of destiny’s song;
My future is bright like
The blazing sun, and my fingers
Are itching to touch the moon!
Copyright@Rakesh Chandra.

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