Poems by Sadiqullah Khan

Poems by Sadiqullah Khan
The Mayhem
No one knows no art explains
No word narrate not a sigh exclaim
On none earth fell no lightening
Befall. Neither thunders roar –
No fall either nor ethics there
None remorse recall neither defeat
In glory. No blood cheap – no
Life dear. None suffering match
Nor anguish other visit. No death
Hover nor clouds rain blood –
Nor values under boot or barefeet
Upon stone. Nor gloom so prevail
Or future barren nor today filled
Misery neither stark ugliness project.
Umar ke be ishk raft heich hisabash magerr
Dear Rumi! You have put our lives
To no naught. To no account alas!
For life’s over without ‘love’ –
Is thus spent the long tediousity
Of the mazeful path we journeyed
Thus. You say, ‘don’t put to
account life spent without love’ –
For our addictive lovelessness
Could be as charming and
Our separation has more bliss of
Union. Rather we abhor the closeness
Making the ultimate quest over –
Or if we be not ‘lost’ to the world
How that the ‘love’ shall not find us?
Dear love seeketh us if thou be
In need. We are not indeed. Nor
We seeketh thee, – thine empty vault.

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