Zbigniew Roth (Poland)

Zbigniew Roth (Poland)
He is an author, composer, poet with 64 years of experience as a writer, he has been writing since 1957 and celebrating his 53th anniversary in his work as a composer, he has been composing since 1968. since 2007 – Member of the Polish American Poets Academy based in New York, USA, since 2009 – Honorary Member of the Literary and Dramatic Group. K. Przerwa – Tetmajer in Chicago since 2012 – Honorary Member of the 83 Infrared Circle in Chicago USA, since 2013 – a member of the Polish Association of Authors, Journalists and Translators in Europe A.P.A.J.T.E. based in Paris France, since September 2014 a member of the Polish Society of Artists, Authors, Cultural Animators PTAAAK in Poznań and since 2016 a member of SAP Branch in Kołobrzeg. Since 2020, he is a Critic Correspondent Journalist in the field of Poetry and Song, Polish-Italian TV News. President and Founder of the SSAP World Association of Artists and Writers (on line and non prifit) Poland, the International Peace Ambassador of the World Literature Forum and the World Peace Ambassador of the World Organization for Peace France & Switzerland. In February 2021 he is nominated for the International Coordinator of the Panorama 2021 Festival in Poland.
Song of the United Nations
this is our common home
and there are continents in it
you and I live on them
we all have common dreams
the sun shines in the desert
on flowery meadows too
even where the frost is eternal
and where it often rains
love doesn’t know any races
and works well in a difficult time
it doesn’t matter what you believe
when a neighbor lies sick
this house is for all of us
where people tremble because of people
give me a hand against pain, protect me
be helpful when others want it
believe in yourself also in people
turn words into deeds in a common song
it is a brotherhood of hearts and souls
today protects against misfortune
if you have God in your heart
your God probably knows me
will not allow suffering
which confirms its existence
The Angel of Sorrow
an angel of sorrow descended from heaven
wings battered by the wind
hair blown over the fields
golden ears under the blue sky
outline the ends of life
why does an angel need a mask?
what does he have to hide
wet eyes washed with tears
like at a Venetian ball
laughter carries over the road
God, I cry out, come and help me
Silence is the answer
The angel’s mask fell off
Did anyone hear?
I still don’t know how to proceed
go ahead or turn back
lose my happiness just to
in this field that I will leave
the righteous have a harvest
let the fools laugh all around
the angel of sorrow will call them
Ballad of a Walking Stick
on the horizon of my old age
gardens of paradise full of love
arthritis diabetes like a dream
Toothless jaw, that’s why I whisper
every man would like very much
to have their own
have a bite to eat and a tasty beer to drink
The most important thing is to live superbly with a cane
because a chick is a fantastic thing
it’s good to have a nice cane in your old age
slender, shapely, framed in silver
In other words, if you hit the jackpot
It doesn’t matter what the number indicates
the important thing is that you feel good energy
comes back from a walk the cane goes into the corner
when someone jumps up they feel the current
when I think about my old age
I would love to share my joy
to pick up some pretty girl in the park
or sit on a bench with a laptop
receive invitations to coffee and ballroom parties
to experience pleasure by the side of a woman
because I don’t deserve an old people’s home yet.
I’ve got a great chick so I walk with her
My geraniums
raindrops are falling on the streets today
they clean the facades of all houses from dust
sunburnt geraniums on balconies
in the September rain they raise their temples
need not be afraid of the cloudy sky above them!
today swayed by gusts of gentle wind
staring at the gray over the colorful green
on the stage of the theater of our weekday
when in the evening dark clouds cover the sky above them
with the sparks of my happiness I will light up the sky above
I will share the rainbow of my smile with everyone
it can make the leaven of happiness in our hearts
Human fate
where are you mom when your baby cries in bed
you drop everything right away and fly to it in butterfly flight
out of breath and hesitation, capable only of loving the great
you often stumble on your feet without normal rest
where are you mother when suddenly your child falls ill?
delirious, coughing, crying, crying out loudly for maternal help
you are always ready to give up everything to save your little one
and it would be good if you could rest for an hour or more
I also know, Mom, you’re bursting with pride now
son, master engineer, you can be sure that he will win the laurels
he will build a great house, start a happy family with grandchildren
and will definitely come for an hour at least once a week
what happened that he has no son because he has a career and earns money
why does it not even come as promised at times?
and today the bailiff felt sorry for you and just threw you on the sidewalk
and you, mother without a son, in the garbage of your old house “
you are dying now, forgotten, unnecessary to anyone
(c) dr.h.c. Zbigniew Roth

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