Francis Otole (Nigeria)

Francis Otole (Nigeria)
Francis Otole is a Nigerian born poet and academician. A member of the Association of Nigerian authors(ANA) and many other literary groups. He is an award winning poet from the local and international scenes. Has been featured in magazines, journals, and anthologies;locally and internationally. He is a graduate of the prestigious Benue State University and a student of life. His hobby is reading and writing. He is married with two children.
I kind of wonder
What happen under
When super powers
Emptied of their powers,
When rival heroes
Grind themselves to zeroes.
I kind of wonder
How the rage of anger
That belch the bombs
That confined to tombs,
How the acclaimed braves
Themselves from death cannot save.
Its a feeling fonder
There is perfect peace under.
Above, what they fight themselves over,
Below, it brings together as lovers.
Above, eternal sworn fiends.
Below, lie together as best friends.
I kind of wonder
What would make them under
Not hesitate to drop the bombs
But raise no sound in their tombs.
They stand to yell with loud a voice
But lie together without a noise.
The way
The stars peep down as night
The moon-smile gleams down at night
The sun gaze with rays at noon
And the sky showers confetti at will.
No doubt
Heaven is a place on earth.

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