Poems by Sharmila Poudel

Poems by Sharmila Poudel
Life is not Easy
When sadness strikes you cry for it
If happiness come have a big smile
Life is not easy as we thought
We need to play what is like to be
Have the courage to be tough
Even a road is rough
Life always has something for us to learn
To be brave and powerful
Strong enough to face the world
Even a simple life can have
An ultimate battle to fight
To get what we want is right
Put still our feet on the ground
Look back to our mistakes and be proud
Because of this, we learn to know
Live the life that makes us grow
Let go of the word sorrow
Be the best of your tomorrow
You are my secret love of the heart
I love you with all my heart inside and out
I want to share with you my feelings
The first day I saw you
My sleep was short
The first day I met you
after that, I fell in love with you
I touched your finger
I was blind at that time
You are sweet, humble, and adorable
You are the vow of my lips
I wish I could show you how much I love you
We are like a Romeo and Juliet
we are a lunatic lovers
We loved each other
We are loving each other
We will love each other
Our secret love is moving much farther
We love so deep and blind
Only we live for each other
Every time we are dying for each other
You have to stay without me
I know your life can go on without me
The journey is yours
The way is yours
If you are happy without me
Stay that way,
I just want you to be happy
You have to stay without me
Nothing makes me happier
when I see the smile on your face
Your every success is my prayer
my every blessing are there for you
Seeing the love in your smile
I know your every smile is for me
You have to stay without me

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