The mystical touch / Poem by Debabrata Mohanty

Poem by Debabrata Mohanty
The mystical touch
A sight of an apocalyptical vision
Dips you in murky darkness
Of a much realized doom….
Look! A streak of life catches up
With the dazzling crystal waves
Where a swarm of anonymous
Fish swim and fly to an endless tune!
The lord smiles from heaven
And turns down the doom as apocryphal
The dead rise from their buried sins
To feel a lush green heaven – on -earth
When you ponder and reveal your doubts
And reasure the world with a firm belief!
You add wonders to His creation
With words nurtured in His lap
He waits to see how lovingly
You keep all awake in the dance of life!
Then, you sleep to the silence of the painful loss!
Copyrights@ deb’s

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