Ewith Bahar (Indonesia)

Ewith Bahar (Indonesia)
Ewith Bahar is a published author, poetess, novelist, translator and essayist from Indonesia. She had a long time career in a mass communication field, radio and television industry. She was a host for several musical and cultural programs for TVRI – Television of Republic of Indonesia (Indonesian government TV station), and once joined RCTI (the biggest private TV station in Indonesia).
She has published nine books, in all genres: poetry, short stories, novel and essay. Her poems were published in many national and international newspapers, journals and online medias. And also can be found in approximately 60 poetry anthologies in Indonesia and abroad. Many of her poems have been translated into several foreign languages.
One of her poetry books, “Sonata Borobudur” got a prestigious prize from Indonesian National Library as The Best Five Indonesian Poetry Books 2019.
She is now active in KaBI (Kanal Buku Indonesia – Indonesian Book Channel)
and also known as a public speaker for communication matters, creative writing and bibliotherapy.
The labyrinth in chambers of soul
the peaceful curves to hide secrets
and reside a destiny
once the charming streets
now leads to nowhere
We tried to free our thoughts and imaginations
which unavoidably trapped
in a convoluted tunnel
by making a hole to catch a sunbeam
but every time we unlock the door
we bump into another locked door.
Along the neural pathways
I let my impulse exploring
your axon and dendrite
I could feel your arms squeezing me
and your lips locking my life tightly
showered by the abundant orange moon beam
the enriched love carried us away in a dream
The whole stairway to heaven
is now in the middle of your chest
and when o try to reach
I found the deepness of your eyes
drowning my soul
a clear way leading to the tower of your arms
stretches wider and wider
We, the two poles, sun and the moon
ignore the antipodal destiny
insist to cross the hemispheres
for the longing’s sake.
A balmy fragrant breeze and a new delight
That’s the miracle God gives through the light
Brought by the sunbeams moving across the ceiling
Senses heightening
Sheets, sheets, sheets,
On a table, in mind, everywhere
Sometimes distressing, sometimes comforting
But I have sufficient strength to persevere
With astute mechanism
It was ordained the perfect part of the day
We discover Eden for resting and rebuilding
In a deep slumber we surrender the life
Dismiss the goals we strive
We own the time, each and every second
To make this temporary stay worthwhile.

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