Poetry of pain and pride / By: Josif Papagjoni

Miradile Ramiqi
Poetry of pain and pride
In every twenty four hours/ we feel hungry/ We eat the tongue/We lick lips/We kiss eyes/We bite ears/We fill with love/ Thus/ Little by little/We run away from ourselves/We lock in a frame/ We do very little,too little/ Artistic/ Suicide. These are some lines taken from“Broken Prayer”, a section of the book“Kingdom Whisper” by Miradije Ramiqi. Lines where the poet-painter’s despair is felt against an almost perverse waste of time amidst an indifferent and soulless flow of physiological rhythm of life,never waiting for its end,“an artistic suicide”, like sublime pleasure. As it is being felt throughout the book, the rhythm and musicality are melted with the image, becoming a spiritual vision traveling towards the mystery of art gestation.They come and go from the heart and direct emotion of the poet towards its creative act. Such dizzy journeys within and out of oneself, in order to become color, vision, line, painting, and finally “frame” of art and poetry are frequent in M. Ramiqi’s poems.And, thus, a leitmotif: a painter poet…///// I accidentally happened to be in Miradije’s studio with the famous Kosovar critic Nebi Islami. “Eyes” of landscapes of rich colors were watching me from the walls creating strange contrasts, and in the same time seeming to disappear and resettle again, amidst and confronting each other, like in a rainbow specter; compositions of the stretching “limbs”, as a result of flows and ramifications of branches, roots, flowers;“incomplete” figurines leading to tracks of the mysterious soul of the poet-painter, there where her poetry and art took roots,her “crying”sensitivity to sing in an Orpheus’voice. An early beauty of her young days was dripping over her face. A woman, not only beautiful, but in the same time dynamic, pure, witty, friendly. Miradije came out of the breath of the great Albanian painter, Muslim Mulliqi, at the Prishtina University, where she mastered in 1997. She opened several individual exhibitions and attended numerous visual arts exhibitions in Kosova and abroad. But this is another chapter. I will not speak of it.There should be a different kind of article, from someone more of an expert. I have been attracted, this time, by her poetry. And, I’d like to stay in its very essence.
Josif Papagjoni “Albanian Newspapers , 25 February 2007

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