Poems by Mónika Tóth

Poems by Mónika Tóth
I gave you..
I trusted you.
I gave you my secretes.
I opened my heart
You hurt me.
and you have no idea what you’ve done.
You mean so much to me
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
You are my inspiration ,every day.
You are the smile on my face.
You are sparkle in my eyes.
You are the only song I want to sing.
You are my light in the darkness,
My strength when I’m too weak,
My voice when I speak.
My smile ,when I see you.
My happiness when i am sad.
My friend when no one’s here.
The truth is
You mean so much to me.
I miss you
I miss you
I feel so helpless
I bite my lips
Until we meet
gilded morning
I love you again
our hearts have found each other
I like your eyes
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
I like your eyes
just like the morning sun
wonderful and peaceful
oh, those golden brown eyes
so fine, so warm
i like it
about me
I am me,
You can’t judge me,
You can’t change me
When I realized..
when I realized life is short and cruel
and always appear problems
I shattered
at the moment ,later
I asked myself
worth it
I smiled
I laughed
I played
adversity will make me stronger in fragile life
one life
two heartbeats
three words
I love you
Dear friend
dedicated my nice Romanian friend Vasile
Dear friend
I confess
the truth is
you are my essence
you are my greatest
you are my blessing
The leaves are cool to the touch,
and pull away from my fingers
in a neighing breeze.
I look at you
I look at you
and I feel that
I cannot breath
love is magic.
I love again
I listen the song of heart
life is wonderful
I lose my mind

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