Rumyana Nikolova (Bulgaria)

Rumyana Nikolova (Bulgaria)
She was born and lives in the town of Plovdiv, Bulgaria. She has graduated high vocational education in Sofia in 1978. For long years she has worked in the sphere of communications and has been dealing with astrology.
Rumyana has been a member of the Association of Plovdiv writers since 2006, being one of the founders of the intellectual poetic society ” Quantum and Friends”. She has a lot of publications in the “Maritza”, “New Pulse”, “The Word Today” newspapers; in “Birds at Night”, “Matador”, “Community Centre”,”Bulgarian pages”, ”Antimov’s Inn” magazines; in “Among the sighs of butterflies” literary collection; in “Cultural Palette” anthology, in “Spirituality without Borders” almanac; in the collection “Bulgarian Quantum Poetry” in Polish, as well as in the literature site “Literature World”. She has published the collections of poems “Reflections of Eternity” /2006/ and “The Fifth Element” /2010/. In his book”’On the Edge” the writer Dimitar Atanasov writes about the poetess and her poetry as follows: ‘The Fifth Element’ is actually a metaphor, it is the space where ideas and thoughts are born, showing the dawn of the world we live in. The poetry is conceived in the ether and hence comes the inspiration… Therein all knowledge about Universe and man is stored, both human memory and hell and paradise are there. The poet is godly, he is gifted to reanimate, to forgive sins; he only needs a bit of madness and lunar inspiration to master the elements, to empower and conquer them. This implies that poet himself is the ‘fifth’ element…”
In the helpless grass – a gloomy little bird
till out of breath has poured out its soul.
Has fallen off the branch itself –
singing to death out of love to kids.
Did thunder respond to its mother bird?
Is the cry of some flocks sobbing in the zenith?
Just man himself is never crying, engrossed
again in feathering his own nest.
Life – springboard,
firing me away breathless
to crystal vaults of heaven.
And bringing me back – a boomerang –
allowing me
no time for thought.
A sparkle – charge –
Is wildly raging
from hell to Eden and from Eden to hell.
A universe of love
Is supercharged in me red hot.
And waiting any time to burst.
The Fifth Element
“Oh, I will call a poet in love…f
from the abyss of his madness
to create an image…”
H. Heine
The elements are closely whirling you –
a torrent of stars, fates and dust.
You elementally calm down in your verse,
and keep forgiving every sin.
You searched through starry abysses,
reanimated ancestors and titans.
You were in paradise, went down to hell,
and made them live in your verse.
Poet, strew yourself with madness!
The lunar disk above you whizzing.
The elements revolve us closely
but all of us revolve them, too.
Lightnings – Daggers
A cloud – titan starts thundering with wings –
dripping wet, heavy with love…
The earth below is offering her fields
for him to stab with thunder – dagger after dagger…
And I – illuminated, reckless, like baptized,
grasp suddenly, enlightened by the thunder,
that days like those on finger-tips are counted
and pass away in our life elusive, in a dream…
Whenever You Ring ME
Every fibre goes faint
with the dearest voice
and I melt in the ether
and my sense are lost.
In the blue pools of yours
under eyelashes silken
I am drowning, so save me
from unsavable dream.
You alone will come down
from the bank, on the moss –
only lips upon lips
will restore my breath lost.
Behind the hill the wind squatting,
awaited for the pine to ripen.
It took a handful from the pollen
and threw a cloud in the open.
Oh, pine, you beauteous beloved!
Do flutter in your fiery green…
Imbued with bloom by warm spring wind –
keep throbbing from the root to top.
I was there, too. And was astounded
by the flare of their union…
I knelt and pray
again to hear their mutual cry…
         And did you hear it?

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