THE NEW WORLD / Poem by Joanna Svensson

Poem by Joanna Svensson
Through the early mist
Of the morning dew
I saw the light
And I stepped in
To this new bright world
I looked around
And I saw the trees
Walk beside me
Down my path
The old and knotty oak-tree
A pair of birch-trees
In long white wedding gawns
We were all headed
For the same new place
Where all not yet is dicovered
It’s so remarkable beautifully crafted
That even the old masters
Silently do hold their breath
We all sat down by a lake
That just woke up
Rubbing its drowsy eyes
With leaves of water-lilies
The trees did whisper
So peacefully a d calmly
Here begins the new life
Where each word
Unknown to others
Will recieve its all
New shape and meaning
We sat down in a glade
With blackbirds singing
And together we formed
The new grove of life
I do return
From time to time
And each time
They all do show me
The way to peace and quiet
In this world
Of regaining spirits
This all new world
I can only sense
When the morni g dew
Awakens me
Embrace and sweeps my body
And leads me towards the light
To the other side of the world
Where the trees do await me
Those who Walk beside mw
I often feel
When I am sad
The nearness of the trees
Their shadows on the meadow
By the house
Like the Guardian angel of nature
Unquestianably clean and pure
They are like balm for my soul
They will one day
When the morning dew
Is all cobalt clear and blue
Then they will finally erase
All the negative vibes
That ever existed
In the world ’til now!
©® Joanna Svensson

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