Mohammad Helmi ELsallab (Egypt)

Mohammad Helmi ELsallab (Egypt)
Name: Mohammad Helmi ELSallab
Country : Egypt
( Poet ) –
English teacher/
(Practice of journalistic work, writing and translation)
Head of the Shirbin Literature Club 2018-2020
Participated in the Egyptian Writers Conference in Minya Governorate 2016
His writings and works were published in major Egyptian and Arab newspapers
(Al-Ahram Newspaper) (Nisf El-Dunya Magazine) (Radio and Television Magazine) (Al-Tajammah Newspaper) (Al-Ahali Newspaper) (Al-Hilal Magazine) (Akhbar Al-Adab Newspaper) (The Saudi Arabian Magazine Magazine) (Al-Arabi Kuwaiti Magazine) and others
He was born in Sherbeen, Dakahlia Governorate, Egypt October 22, 1965
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At the edge of the river
the invisible
His features are trying to be embodied
It got bored
in a tangible world
shrouded in illusion
faltering in illusions
breathe lies
The chaos of creative feelings
Between the visible and the invisible
We no longer see
Gel differences melted
We saw our true selves
we were ashamed
Until we melted with shame
We resisted him
Until he passed out
Our feelings are hardened
What if we gather at the edge of the river?
And we cried like we didn’t cry
And we said aloud, all feeling
(May God hurry us to leave)
And the feelings go away…
It messes with our feelings.
And defiant to showا
The ability to shed tears.
And always wins
We are always defeated
We know what we do not have
Did we really get wiser?
But wisdom is like silent crying
Ah, if the grandparents came back
And grandparents’ grandparents
To beat us
And they absolved us
Ah, if they took back many sides
We demolished
And say what we did
It tampered with our balances
and what we hoarded
From the delusional life
Let’s get to the bottom line
satisfaction or some of it
Believe me I feel connected
Between me and the earth
give up
I’m not used to sticking
And at any moment
I’m going
The angel of death roams
In a hurry
On the side of the city
We are ashamed that we are no longer
We differentiate between wishes
and memories
chasing us and we don’t fall
nor do we
God alone is the living
one who is able
Between here and there
Life..without features
moan from beast
life without humans
Are they really tired
And received for life
whenever she was here
They traveled there
to be the question
about her truth
its existence
her features
It exists..and what they found
they quarrel
they lie
they fight
They claim to win
Is there life
without spiritual torment
without errors
or ideas
And as long as they live
They swear that they did not live
lost their way
And there is no way
Life is not wrong
The son of Adam is a mistake
He knows what he wants to see
he doesn’t know
whenever she is here
wait for her there
no meeting
Waiting for us somewhere..
and we go to it
in another place ..
don’t meet
And on the earth misery
to ask the question
right on earth
Life ?
I wrote to you, man
to look for value
to win a life
A life without value
feeling less
without truth
not life
not life
Who lives without value?
dead creature
He deceives us all the time
That he is a living being

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