Astrid Sofía Pedraza De La Hoz (Colombia)

Astrid Sofía Pedraza De La Hoz (Colombia)
Was born in Barranquilla, but for more than seven lustrums she has lived in Puerto Colombia, Department of Atlántico. Pharmaceutical Chemist and Professional Counselor.
It belongs to the Meira DelMar Writers Foundation since 2010, its first collection of poems was presented by the president of the foundation Nury Ruiz Bárcenas, who was also in charge of the style correction.
In 2011, the Stimulus Portfolio of the Ministry of Culture, called: Literature, Book and Reading, selected her literary work to assign she a scholarship for cultural entrepreneurship in Chile.
He has been coordinating the Youth Preparatory Assembly in Puerto Colombia for five years. Literary-academic event supported by the Puerto Colombia Mayor’s Office and the International Writers Parliament, directed by the writer Joce Daniels.
In the company of the poet and journalist Dina Luz Pardo, he has carried out various cultural activities. Among them: Colombian-Argentine Poetic Encounter and El Escritor y su Andar.
Poemaries published:
“Heartbeats”, “Butterflies”, written in duet with the Chilean poet Arturo Barreira, published in Barranquilla (Colombia), with the support of the Department’s culture secretariat; Naked bodies, ardent souls, written in duet with the Chilean writer Alfred Asís, presented in Chile.
“Tales for Adolescents” compilation of 10 stories by writers from the Colombian Caribbean presented within the framework of the 2019 Book Fair in Barranquilla, Colombia. Her poems have been included in various Anthologies inside and outside his country: Poetas bajo la voz 2016, Poets go to school, in Barranquilla. The secret face of eros, With the painted hands of poems, presented within the framework of the Book Fair, in Buenos Aires (Argentina) year 2011. Paths to Solidarity, Brazil. Urgent Readings, Anthology III, in Santiago de Cali (Colombia).
I come from the sea, sometimes; others from the river,
bathed by its shores.
I come from the mirror woman made of voices,
of oblivion powdered by time.
Of matriarchal women,
married women with books and art.
I come from the light escaped from the bolt,
to fight against the minefields of language.
I come from the old and new testaments.
From Sara, Ruth, Rahab, David’s prostitute great-grandmother.
I come from the alabaster and sand hair of Mary Magdalene.
I come from Eden, I was friends with Eva.
I babbled my first words
in the blind silence of paradise in ruins.
How to endure the silence of the earth in the face of strangeness
of noisy footsteps that now sound like the fall of distant needles?
How to endure the mask that hides your tired wounded face
of scarecrow signals in a world inhabited by vagueness
of the man without memory?
I watch the void paint the answer on
the canvas of the day indelible tribute
to the voice of him that now sleeps in the deep
of the mountain.
I refuse to live in this fruitful land full of foreigners
that purposely erased his corn smile,
language of the sun, caress of seagulls.
The word falls from silence,
Fear inhabits her, turns her into a whisper,
Decides to become a verb.
She dances around the tongue
She comes out after drawing the curtain,
She throws herself
she’s exhausted from being a politician’s pimp
She returns to her place of origin.
Billions of billions of mouths
They throw them senseless.
They squeeze it,
They make up her,
Tired of pretending, she decides to go back to being creation.
No, it is not the dream that immerses you
In the blinking of the night.
He is not the one who wins the daily combat and leads you to fatigue,
Not the one who takes you to unknown dimensions,
It is not that dream I am referring to.
It is to the dream that you live as a reality
a in your hand,
That you call life.
You are still sleeping
In the sleeping city
In the sleeping universe
You are still sleepwalking …
Wake up to reality
Do not sleep

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