Cold Drops / Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad

Poem by Eden Soriano Trinidad
Cold Drops
Gentle rain like soft tears,
Drizzling like sparkling sapphire
skidding smoothly down the unexpectant dreamy eyes
The water shed bouncing to life
All creatures extol loud cheers.
Listening to the bereaved noisy sound of your drops,
While I, sipping the hot night flowering jasmine tea to warm me,
Untirelessly enjoying the drip drops
Watching the whitebutterflies
Elegantly sorround the mulberries,
My friend knocking once again,
“Watch the rain and ink your thoughts.”
The sheer enormity turned to a ranting doomsfall,
All the heav’nly faucets freed
Ripping off the blue canvass
cascading heavy cloud waters
Begin from the finest
stream of gushing drops
downpouring from the heav’nly abode
into the dry faces of land awakening the brooks,
Into the melancholic that clutch the meadows
and the shuddering leafless grasses
to the escarpments.
Oh, outrageous drops that gives life,
sometimes you also take lives.
Somewhere they needed the
dropping like arrows
To extinguish the hell created by men,
while some heroes dare brave crossing
hip high ocean of flooded tears from blues;
Offering their both hands
to the gypsies of this world.
Copyright: Eden Soriano Trinidad
August 7,2021

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