Of Whims And Fancies! / Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay

Poem by Madhu Gangopadhyay
Of Whims And Fancies!
Those days of slump
When nothing strikes
No words come to you
The world appears so glum!
The September sun fails to cheer
The glistening leaves staid appear
The breeze so balmy troubles the mood
Some stray sadness creeps in , the mind broods!
An uncanny blend of thoughts
How the mind inadvertently joys aborts!
Making space for despondence to stride
The subconscious in misery takes pride!
All the studies of psychoanalysis fail!
Somethings are beyond the logical trail
No apparent reason or any how and why
Can ever these phenomena exemplify!
Yes, they may ponder and deduce
Come up with some solutions loose,
Yet how the human mind work,
To understand is really tough!
Sometimes the same sun such joys brings.
The heart waltzes, smiles and sings!
Those shimmering leaves of the September gold,
Such hidden euphoria in them hold,
The warm breeze caresses and kisses,
The troubled mind in nature find bliss!

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