The adventures of sumarai Nogasika San – Eva Petropoulou Lianou / Tanja Ajtić, writer and poet

Eva Petropoulou Lianou
The adventures of samurai Nogasika – Eva Petropoulou Lianou
Published By OntimeBooks
Illustrations Magda Asimakopoulou
This beautiful and wise story takes us on a long journey through Japan. You will have to read this wonderful story for children and also for adults who feel like children and who are still looking for something they lost a long time ago. „Can the wind be caught?“ Wondering the main hero samurai Nogasika San? „Catch it in a bottle?“ With that question, looking for an answer, his adventure begins.
Everyone is looking for something. They are all in eternal search. All in the eternal search for human and life values. Real values. This book is about what we should strive for as children and as adults, in order to be on the right path, the path of life.
Nowadays, people do not have time and are burdened with their lives, but if we are looking for something, we need to stop and if necessary, help someone, at least to keep them company in their search. Let’s be humane. Then, let’s continue our search, where we started. We should not stop until we have completed our assigned task. Direction. We must not give up on ourselves. We must not give up our questions in life because we need an answer. And life, life is one big adventure.
Where there is happiness and where we feel happy, even broken compasses do everything, they show us the right direction. We will never get lost here, but we will be satisfied, smiling and carefree.
We will be realized there, and where there is happiness, there is our love. There is our place under the Sun.
Only those who really loved can find the path to happiness. That is the value. That is the goal. Love. Then we feel invincible and we are capable of many fights and the opportunity to do anything. We are positive. Because love protects us and gives us wings. With love we become fearless. With love, anything is possible.
But we should also follow our instincts, which we forgot to have and recognize. Listen to yourself. That instinct is always with us. It all takes courage. However, we must achieve the feat ourselves. Nobody but us can do that. Let’s fight for ourselves. Let’s become independent.
And if they make us cry, it’s not a shame. Tears show that we have a soul, which we sometimes forget and do not nurture properly. To have a heart that knows how to love. We can cry for memory. Nurture your memories. Sensitivity is beautiful. Give it to others. And nostalgia for the parental home is beautiful. Respect your parents. Respect your tradition. Respect your family.
All this is told to us by a wonderful book by Eva Petropoulou Lianou. And much more…
You will have to read this wonderful story for children as well as for adults. Because love is always what we need, we always need more and most sincerely, we need sincere and true.
But you will have to find out for yourself whether the main character, the samurai Nogasika San, will find what he is looking for. This is a book that is really worth reading. Embark on an adventure. And be a part of the story The adventures of Sumarai Nogasika San by Eva Petropoulou Lianou, a great famous writer with a great and rich biography, a children’s writer and poet from Greece. She is the one who reveals to us the wisdom of life.
Tanja Ajtić, writer and poet
from Vancouver, Canada

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