The Toddler’s Treasures / Poem by Lily Swarn

Poem by Lily Swarn
The Toddler’s Treasures
How could a wealthy man understand ?
Understand the treasures of a toddler ?
All of fourteen months,baby teeth glistening
Gloriously proud of his red shoes
The first ever that his mother got for him
He grabbed the tiny bunch of crab apples
From the dangling branches near his favourite perch
Plucked off a wilting pink petal from the rose bush
Uncaring of the evil looking thorns
Gazed with innocent awe at the baby sized white bloom
On a dwarf plant forcing its way
Between the cement tiles in the road
Possessively holding his priceless booty near his chest
He placed each gem on a fallen leaf
The earliest one shed by a towering oak tree
And then he smiled , surveying his kingdom of ultimate happiness
Rushing like an emperor into his adoring granny’s untiring arms
Copyright Lily Swarn 11.9.2021

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