Soul-Searching (חֶשְׁבּוֹן נֶפֶשׁ) / Poem by Moshe Vegh (מֹשֶׁה וַיְג)

Poem by Moshe Vegh
I have done soul-searching
Felt like a prisoner under the prohibitions
I have search through all the forbiddances.
I have checked I did not sin.
I have realized that what is not forbidden is permitted
Because every sin have a forgiveness
At the end of the search
I have found out!
My soul is free
Free from prohibitions.
Moshe Vegh ©️ 2021
חֶשְׁבּוֹן נֶפֶשׁ
אָסִיר תַּחַת הָאֲסוּרִים
עָשִׂיתִי חֶשְׁבּוֹן נֶפֶשׁ
עָבַרְתִּי עַל כָּל הָאִסּוּרִים
בָּדַקְתִּי שֶׁלֹּא עָשִׂיתִי חֲטָאִים
הֵבַנְתִּי שֶׁמָּה שֶׁאֵינוֹ אָסוּר מֻתָּר
וּלְכָל אִסּוּר יֵשׁ הֶתֵּר
בְּסוֹף הַחֶשְׁבּוֹן יָצָאתִי מֻתָּר
מֹשֶׁה וַיְג

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